Since founding my practice in 1997, I have continuously enjoyed my work. I am grateful I can share with my clients all I have learned throughout these years: communicating and listening in an open and non-judging way, working as a team and valuing all steps in the healing process.

Together, we learn how you can create a wonderful experience for yourself and others in a joyful and embracing way without going over your personal boundaries.

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I can’t believe I am meditating

A couple of months ago my eye caught the first sentences of an article about mindfulness, and now I can't believe I am meditating daily. When I read the article in the paper, I had to laugh when the writer compared our brains to a ball of Play-Doh that we...


Whatever I talk about – be it our health, thriving in your workplace, or learning to be your own friend in a world full of demands and changes – the common denominator will always be connection.

We all have a basic need to belong and feel safe. We so much want to fit in that we are often willing to compromise our own authenticity. We’d rather say no to ourselves than to others, all because we try to safeguard our connections with the world.

I will give you tools to help acknowledge and be okay with your own feelings and give that safety to others, too.


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