Since founding my practice in 1997, I have continuously enjoyed my work. I am grateful I can share with my clients all I have learned throughout these years: communicating and listening in an open and non-judging way, working as a team and valuing all steps in the healing process.

Together, we learn how you can create a wonderful experience for yourself and others in a joyful and embracing way without going over your personal boundaries.

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Tricks and tools for allergy season

Surviving the allergy season Tricks and tools can be a real lifesaver during allergy season. In my early thirties, around spring time I suddenly was constantly scratching my eyes, rubbing my ears, and blowing my nose. By the time I was sitting in my practice with bloodshot eyes and a...


Dorit Shoshani and I are opening registration for our 6-week workshop for English speakers between the ages of 18 and 35.

We will meet at the Mazeh 9 Young Adult Center in Tel Aviv on Wednesdays between 6pm-9pm. Classes start on 2/11/22 and end on 7/12/22.

‘The GPS Within’ is a relationship navigation system which can be used for people who want to deepen their existing relationships or who would like to get handy, foolproof tools to get unstuck in times of need.

Click on the link to find out more or give me a call to register!

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