July 13, 2023

I can’t believe I am meditating

A couple of months ago my eye caught the first sentences of an article about mindfulness, and now I can’t believe I am meditating daily. When I read the article in the paper, I had to laugh when the writer compared our brains to a ball of Play-Doh that we hit so often it turns into a pita. I certainly know what that feels like at the end of a long day! Dr. Richard Davidson mentioned how much attention we pay to keeping our bodies healthy, but what about our brain health? That certainly piqued my interest.

My partner Steve downloaded the Healthy Minds Program App that the piece mentioned. When he wanted to try it out I decided to join him, and wow! I liked it! Maybe I can compare it to the way your muscles feel after a warm bath or a good massage. You simultaneously know and feel that you did something that is right for you. And, I noticed that when my brain feels good, my body feels better, too. Hello, equanimity!

About the app

I really like the way the app organizes its content. It alternates between short blurbs that educate about the brain and mindfulness exercises, or meditations. With this app, you can select a practice ranging from five to 30 minutes and choose your preferred speaker (Cortland Dahl is our family favorite). In addition, you can choose between sitting meditation or active ones (e.g. while folding your laundry or while doing groceries). They emphasize that well-being is a skill, not a coincidence. Research proves that just five minutes of daily mindfulness can significantly impact our lives! That is what I call stepping into the driver’s seat.

The changes I observed now that I am meditating

Now that I meditate daily, I find that short sessions between client meetings clear my mind, leading to more presence and creativity. Additionally, it significantly reduces the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. Even though I know a lot of the content, there is always something interesting or a new perspective to discover.

No more pita brain for me!

Check out what is right for you

I really believe we all need to find our own path. A lot of my clients found the Healthy Minds Program App also super helpful. But I also have good friends who swear by another meditation app from Sam Harris. It relies on science as well, and offers a non-credit-card 7-day free trial. Still, the big take-away for me is that we all need to maintain our brain health. We can improve our own world and the world around us by dedicating just five minutes a day. I still can’t believe I am meditating! Maybe you will give it a try, as well?