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Most of my insights come to me while cleaning my house or after meetings with my patients (For real! – as a five-year-old, I wanted to be either a cleaning lady or a doctor – in a way I became a bit of both). Here, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to actually write my musings and share them with you.
March 29, 2023

Tricks and tools for allergy season

Surviving the allergy season Tricks and tools can be a real lifesaver during allergy season. In my early thirties, around spring time I suddenly was constantly scratching my eyes, rubbing my ears, and blowing my nose. By the time I was sitting in my practice with bloodshot eyes and a total lack of sleep from being so miserable, I finally diagnosed myself with – you guessed right – seasonal allergies! Over the years, it has been empowering to help myself and my patients with tricks and tools that I would love to share with you. And like everything in life,...
January 8, 2023


Looking for a reason to explain our troubles We often end up spending lots of time and emotional effort looking for the reason we don't feel well. Somehow, we use the past to justify how we feel now. We think that once we know its origin, we can fix what went wrong. However, there is no going back in time to change our present reality. The truth is, you feel what you feel, whether or not you have a good reason for it. What happened, happened, and what is, is – and we cannot really argue with that reality. For...
December 1, 2022

Three steps you can take to stay healthy

Around this time of the year, most of my patients ask me how to prepare for the upcoming winter. I am always pleased with this question, because I like it when people put self-care center stage. If we trust all the supplement advertisements, then we believe we need to spend lots of money to keep those flus and colds at bay. Staying healthy seems like an impossible feat, and we often think that big problems need big solutions. I actually see over and over again that small steps of action can have a huge impact. Here are three (small and...
February 24, 2022

Feeling alone, together

(Less than three-minute read) My first memory of feeling alone was when I was about five years old. We were on vacation in Israel visiting friends and all the kids spoke Hebrew - and I didn't. I remember this story well because later in my life I had the same feeling in a similar situations. Life gave me plenty of oppurtunities, being a new immigrant here, and not knowing the language ( Back then, as a five-year-old, as a consequence, I figured those children must surely be talking about me. (After all, five-year-olds are sure they are the center of...

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