December 15, 2020

My Second Blog

Just kidding, this is really my first but I wanted to trick my brain into thinking I had done this before. There is something scary about first times. I mean, we all know what it feels like when we believe we need to do something new and unfamiliar.
Writing this now feels a bit like making myself stand on the highest springboard of the swimming pool in the town I grew up in. I had terrible fear of heights and I would actually walk back… that springboard – which now that I think of it is so much scarier – and wriggle myself down the steps where hoards of kids were waiting to get a turn. (Eventually, after several failed attempts, I made the leap. And with it came the information that springboards are not my passion. But that is a subject for another post.)

Now that I am a bit older and friendlier to myself I can see how each time I walked up those steps and did not dare to jump, I still did one really nice thing for myself: I helped my brain get familiar with the situation at hand. So my seeming failures actually set me up for success.

So here it is, the first blog. Now that I have done it, I look forward to sharing my other musings with you.