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Getting healthy – both physically and in your thinking – is a process. With a wholesome dose of common sense, humor and empathy it can be a wonderful and constructive experience.

You and I form a team. Together and through open communication we can find the personal treatment which works best for you and your family.

classical homeopathy

Each consultation in my practice includes a meeting in my practice, a remedy prescription and 30 days of support and guidance by phone and text. The first consultation can take 1-3 hours.

The first time we meet I will ask you to tell me all you want me to know so that I can help you or your child get better. We take all the time we need for you to be thorough and complete, and for me to have enough information to prescribe a good remedy. When necessary, as part of your treatment, we will identify which steps you can take in addition to your remedy to improve your general well-being.

For all my patients – big and small – a trusting connection is essential for successful treatment. When children need help with emotional or behavioral issues, we will plan an additional meeting – at no extra charge – without them. This way we can discuss their case openly while keeping everybody’s dignity intact.

Homeopathy works. It is gentle, effective and profound.

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First Consultation
1 to 3 hours
1 month phone support
950 nis

Follow-up Consultations
1 to 2 hours
1 month phone support
550 nis

Phone Support
10-15 min initial intake
2 weeks
159 nis

Your Follow up:
About one month after our first meeting, we will meet again in person in my practice. This gives us both an opportunity to assess progress for the goals we have set in our previous meeting. We will get clear on what our next steps will be and when we will meet again.

Phone Support:
One of the wonderful things about homeopathy is how it can also be of support with a range of everyday minor complaints. Once we have met a couple of times, I will know you well enough to match a remedy for acute situations – like a twisted ankle or sore throat – that don’t require a meeting in my practice.

One-on-one conversations

People of all ages come talk to me about a myriad of issues. It really doesn’t matter so much what our problems are. Solutions are more about how we handle them.

Having a non-judging presence in the room when you tell your story can make all the difference. This creates the safety and calm to find different perspectives that do feel right. With that information in place, we can find a new way for you to return to your path with renewed clarity.

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480 NIS/ hour and fifteen minutes

Conversations with parents

Whether you are parenting a toddler, a teenager or an adult child, it can be a big comfort to talk and observe issues together with someone who won’t judge you and will help discover your strengths.
In each meeting, we will find the smallest next step to take that will make the biggest impact. This way we find what you can do to make things right for you and your child now and in the long run.

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420 NIS/ hour and fifteen minutes

I am so happy to have the opportunity to help you get better

  • I work with my patients to receive refunds from their insurance where possible
  • Home visits and video meetings possible

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